SizeVital: The Science of It All

Find out why SizeVital is the top-rated male enhancement supplement today. Learn more about the Science behind SizeVital here. Don’t you just love it when you get exactly what you paid for? SizeVital is more than just a bargain for its customers, as it brings cutting-edge technology in male enhancement to give users an experience that they have never had with a male enhancement supplement. For two decades since male enhancement supplements have first hit the market, customers have been tricked into buying low-grade supplements that almost always left them with the lingering feeling of regret. This is why male enhancement supplements have the reputation for being scams or fakes, since the public hasn’t really seen anything as good as Viagra. The problem with the famed blue pill is that it is literally one of the most expensive, non-essential drugs. Not to mention that customers would need a prescription should they wish to buy Viagra, or similar drugs such as Cialis and Levitra. SizeVital is created specifically to bring affordable and effective male enhancement to the market. The concept of its formula is to provide the best-ever experience for the user by providing a comprehensive formula that affects all aspects of male enhancement. From penis enlargement to sexual attraction, SizeVital proves to be the best in its category.

The Concept of the SizeVital Formula

The SizeVital formula is inspired by numerous patents and clinical studies that point to a successful male enhancement formula. The idea is to combine ingredients that would work in perfect synergy to create a comprehensive approach to improving male sexual health. The core team of SizeVital realizes the lack of trustworthy male enhancement supplements on the market, so they created a fool-proof formula that is guaranteed to work. The formula focuses on three major benefits – penis enlargement, sexual desire, and stamina. These three benefits are hard to come by on a single formula. Most male enhancement supplements focus on libido, or sexual stamina – and finding a good one is even a struggle. SizeVital makes it possible by creating a systemic improvement that would produce an even greater outcome. The SizeVital team combined Vasodilators, Aphrodisiacs, and Hormone balancers to create the world’s best male enhancement supplement. Vasodilators are known for preventing erectile dysfunction, and combining it with aphrodisiacs would yield the possibility of penis enlargement. Hormone balancers are known for increasing sexual stamina, and combining it with vasodilators would further amplify the aphrodisiac effect on the body. Combining aphrodisiacs and hormone balancers would lead to intense erections and increased sexual activity, which greatly contributes to penis enlargement as a whole. The real breakthrough in the formula isn’t by discovering new ingredients. In fact, the ingredients of SizeVital are quite what you would expect from a male enhancement supplement. The potency of each ingredient is taken into account to create a balance of ingredients that makes it all come full circle.

Evidence behind the effectiveness of SizeVital:
The best part about the research used in SizeVital is that all of the proof are published in a government database for biotechnology information ( The ingredients used in SizeVital have been proven beyond doubt that it works 100%.

Eurycoma Longifolia Jack

- Contains compounds that induces penile growth
- Contains properties that delays ejaculation while maintaining an erection
- Contributes to the aphrodisiac effect
- Increases testosterone production


- Used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction by acting as a nitric oxide booster. Nitric oxide combines with GMP to create cGMP, which triggers the smooth muscles in the arteries that supply blood to the penis, to dilate. The dilation of blood vessels increase the volume of blood that flows to the penis, which triggers an erection.
- Regular supplementation of L-Arginine will result in a permanent increase of penis size due to the increased volume of blood during erections. The elastic penile tissue will likely expand to adapt to the increased volume of blood.
- The combination of L-Arginine and PDE-5 inhibitors (Tongkat Ali, Muira Puama, Tribulus Terrestris) would likely increase the penis enlargement effect of L-Arginine

Maca Root

- Has an independent effect on sexual desire, regardless of testosterone levels, oestradiol, depression, and anxiety.
- Acts as a natural inhibitor of oxytocin and prolactin – the two major neurotransmitters that prolong the refractory period in men

How SizeVital works

The concept of SizeVital involves the simple thought of leveraging blood circulation to increase penis size, libido, and stamina. Thankfully, the SizeVital experts extensively studied the factors that would affect penis enlargement, and found that improving all factors would involve ingredients that also have a strong impact on libido and sexual endurance. The first step of the formula involves an almost instantaneous absorption of libido-boosting ingredient, Muira Puama. Muira puama is one of the fastest-acting natural aphrodisiacs, and it performs two major functions – to potentiate an erection as a fast-acting PDE-5 inhibitor (SizeVital as a fast-acting pill), and as an ingredient that gets the body in the perfect condition to absorb key ingredients such as Tongkat Ali, L-Arginine, and Muira Puama. With the effects of Muira Puama in place, the main ingredients L-Arginine, Tongkat Ali, and Maca Root are absorbed by the body. L-Arginine increases the amount of blood that flows to the penis, Tongkat Ali further intensifies the aphrodisiac effect and delays ejaculation, and Maca Root inhibits oxytocin and prolactin. The repeated process of libido-erection-repeat would prompt the penile chambers to hold a much larger volume of blood repeatedly, which triggers the tissue to expand permanently to adapt to the increased volume – just like what will happen if you inflate a balloon over and over again, the penile tissue will expand permanently and make the penis permanently bigger.

The takeaway

SizeVital is one of the most comprehensive penis enlargement pills of all-time. It’s the only pill proven by science to work. Try SizeVital for yourself and experience the rush and sensation that only a raging libido can provide. Buy SizeVital now! Save more on your purchase when you buy in bulk! Visit for more details.



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