SizeVital Ingredients: What Makes SizeVital Perfect?

Learn more about the ingredients of SizeVital as we explore each ingredient in-depth.

Stages of SizeVital Effects

SizeVital is the world’s first penis enlargement pill that is clinically-tested for effectiveness – and it’s no secret how SizeVital made it happen. Through extensive research and studies, the experts behind SizeVital were able to come up with a bulletproof formula that is proven by science to work. What sets apart SizeVital from many other male enhancement supplements is that it does not cram the pill with dozens of ingredients that would do nothing to affect the sexual health of the user. 24 different ingredients with just 1-5mg of each would not do anyone any good, and the people behind SizeVital realized that it would be smarter to make a formula with the 5 best ingredients, with the right ratio and proportion, and with the right delayed-release technology to make it all work.

The effectiveness of SizeVital could be summarized into 5 different stages:

Stage 1:

SizeVital triggers a series of events that start with a fast-acting aphrodisiac. The aphrodisiac blend in SizeVital sets your body on the ‘ready’ by contracting blood vessels and focusing blood flow to your groin area. The first stage alone is enough to potentiate erections, and could serve as a substitute for commercial drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

Stage 2:

The second stage involves a rapid dilation of blood vessels, especially on the arteries that supply blood to the penis. The increased volume of blood makes erections much more intense.

Stage 3:

The third stage involves PDE-5 inhibitors and free calcium inhibitors to increase sexual endurance by continuously potentiating erections. This step acts as the precursor to penis enlargement. PDE-5 inhibitors work in the same manner as popular drugs like Viagra and Cialis. The only difference is that the PDE-5 inhibitors in SizeVital are all sourced from all-natural ingredients which work on different receptors.

Stage 4:

Penis enlargement is achieved through consistent use over a period of time. The increased volume of blood that fills the corpora cavernosa, or the penile chambers will cause the penile chambers to adapt and expand, resulting in a permanently bigger penis.

Stage 5:

The hormone balancing agents in the formula of SizeVital enables the user to gain full control over their orgasm by inhibiting key neurotransmitters oxytocin and prolactin. These effects stack with the other ingredients in the formula, resulting in an overall increase in sexual desire, stamina, and performance of the user. These stages are all possible because of the cutting-edge technology that has been developed specifically for SizeVital. From the pill, down to the contents, SizeVital has made it into a carefully-calculated and precise process that would make any swiss watch maker proud.

Let’s talk about the pill

80% of all the male enhancement pills on the market today have some pretty awesome ingredients, and yet they fail to perform well in real-world situations. The problem with many male enhancement pills (or oral supplements) is that they are basically just extracts without any real science put into it. Once a pill is ingested, about 70% of the content gets broken down by your digestive system. Once digested, the contents would have a small chance of affecting your body at all, unless it has a coating that would protect it from the strong gastric juices until it reaches the small intestine, where the contents would be absorbed and distributed.

The SizeVital ingredients:

The SizeVital ingredients are carefully selected, expertly extracted, to produce the top-quality active compounds. Only SizeVital uses the highest potency available. The key to SizeVital is the right ratio of ingredients, which allows each ingredient to reach peak effectiveness.

Here are some of the ingredients in SizeVital:


L-Arginine is one of the main ingredients in SizeVital. It’s responsible for potentiating erections, preventing erectile dysfunction, and penis enlargement, just to name a few. L-Arginine is more well-known in the supplement industry as a bodybuilding supplement. It has been included in a variety of other applications such as shampoos, and in some blood pressure reducing supplements. L-Arginine in the right concentrations would greatly affect the dilation of arteries that supply blood to the penis. When used in conjunction with aphrodisiacs and hormone regulators, L-Arginine has the potential to increase penis size by constantly dilating the arteries that supply blood to the penis. In a manner similar to inflating a balloon, L-Arginine makes the penis larger and harder by increasing the amount of blood that flows to the penis on a consistent basis.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is the other half of the core ingredients of SizeVital. Back in the 90s, Tongkat Ali was known as the Asian Viagra, due to its similarities in effectiveness with the famous blue pill. While Tongkat Ali also acts as a PDE-5 inhibitor, it does a lot more than just potentiate erections. Tongkat Ali is the formula’s main PDE-5 inhibitor. L-Arginine, the vasodilator in the formula, is converted into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide combines with GMP to form cGMP, which makes the smooth muscles that line the arteries to relax and dilate. PDE-5, or phosphodiesterase-5 is an enzyme that breaks down cGMP, and by inhibiting PDE-5, Tongkat Ali further potentiates the effectiveness of L-Arginine in the formula. Tongkat Ali is also an aphrodisiac. It is known to increase testosterone levels, which not only potentiates erections; Tongkat Ali also improves the stamina of the user by preventing the penis from going flaccid during sex.

Maca Root

Maca Root inhibits the two key neurotransmitters, prolactin and oxytocin – the two main reasons why older men get longer refractory periods. With the two neurotransmitters inhibited, men can gain full control over their orgasms.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is the secondary aphrodisiac of the formula. Tribulus Terrestris works by gradually increasing the free testosterone levels in the body.

Muira Puama

Muira Puama is the fast-acting aphrodisiac of the formula. It conditions the body in a way that the other ingredients would be absorbed optimally once it hits the bloodstream.



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